About Game Monkey Press...

     Long ago there was a dream. Okay…Not so much a dream as a Guinness fueled argument. What it was actually about no one can be sure. Those records, like the many wonders of Alexandria 1000 years before, were sadly lost to the bowels of time during the horrible toilet paper drought of ’98.

     What we do remember- in hazy, clown filled nightmares, is that we came to the stark realization that we were geeks. But, not just any geeks…We were some kind of strange, mutant super geeks. Super geeks that needed to lead. To spread our vision of an ideal geekdom all over this beautiful planet of ours. To slowly take over the world.

     Plans were made, then canned. ‘Cause, let’s be honest, they weren’t very good plans in the beginning. Finally, new plans were made. But, as we said earlier, those were lost in 1998 to the great toilet paper drought.

     Since then, we’ve sort of been wandering around. Still, we remember enough of the plan (the good one, not the original) to know that there was two steps to our play for world domination:

          1) We will work our little monkey brains until the gray ooze runs out our ears to make some of the best role playing, table top, card, and board games and gaming products that mentally deficient simians can produce.
          2) We will take all of our geekish loves and turn them into beacons, in the form of E-Zines, periodicals, books, and novels for other geeks to follow…So that we may all gather in unity and attempt to come up with the third version of the great plan.

     And so, here we are. Working hard, melting our little monkey minds, and hoping that…Somewhere at the end…We have our global despotism. And yes, we know…It’s a small dream. But, as the old saying goes, it should be the little things that make you happy.

     And ruling as Supreme Sovereign is the only little thing we need.

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