Game Monkey Press E-Zines!

     Here at GMP one of our dreams from the very begining has been to bring you, our fellow Monkeys, not only great games but also exciting news, stories, and features about stuff that we think you'll enjoy as much as we do. So, in persuit of that goal, Game Monkey Press also publishes a series of E-Zines (or on line magazines) that we hope you'll find more fun than delousing your mate.
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     Our first foray into the on line reporting genre has been Game Monkey Magazine. A fun, light hearted, and quirky little reviews 'Zine dealing with everything from video games to anime. It's definately worth your time to check out.

Shooter's Review Online

      GMP's second Zine, which is only a short jaunt from being up, is Stopping Power Online. Much more mature in scope, Stopping Power is dedicated to the fine art of Close Quarters Combat (CQB) and will handle everything from advanced self defense techniques, to most effective defense rounds, to performance tests with tools of the trade.









































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