A collaboration of incredibly talented and only slightly off-balance personnel- including former U.S. special forces soldiers, police officers, martial artists, stunt men, and modern combat instructors…Stunt Monkeys is a service offered to writers, artists, game developers, and television and movie productions to help them accurately and creatively portray violence in their work. Performing motion capture for the computer game "Shogo: Mobile Armor Division"

     Especially sensitive to artists, up-and-coming companies, not-for-profit organizations, and lower budget productions, Stunt Monkeys is dedicated to providing professional values and world-class knowledge to people and projects that normally couldn't afford it.

Demonstrating a spinning back heel kick        With services ranging from stunt coordination to martial consultation to performer training to lecturing, Stunt Monkeys has made a notable name for itself with appearances all over North America. Previous projects include major motion pictures, national television, video games, print and ad work, and live performances.

Services We Offer:

     Need help figuring out how your character should hold a submachine gun or the tactics to storm a room full of terrorists? Don't know the difference between a jacketed hollow point and a boat-tailed ball round? Having trouble finding out what armor a 15th century knight should wear or how a Greek Hoplite fought with his spear 2500 years ago? Well, you've come to the right place!
     From arms to armor, equipment to tactics, techniques to philosophy…Stunt Monkeys has the expertise to help you make your project the best, and most realistic, it can be. Our team of professionals has a vast array of experience and resources to draw upon and can advise you on virtually any aspect of combat. From past to future, whether historical or fictional, Stunt Monkeys can both instruct you on the authentic or help you create fantastical styles for your project.

Lectures and Demos:
     Ranging from class style seminars to live demonstrations, Stunt Monkeys' lectures and demos are a great way to break new creative ground or enhance your team's appreciation of your project's subject matter. Our specialist have served on panel discussions and coordinated private seminars and workshops for over 10 years, with topics ranging from historical combat styles, martial arts, film fighting techniques, modern close quarters battle combat, weapons and equipment, and dozens of other subjects. When combined with Stunt Monkeys Consultation, we can ensure that your entire creative team has a thorough understanding on nearly any combat subject.

     From ancient martial arts to modern close quarters battling, Stunt Monkeys has hands on workshops ideal for giving you a real "feel" for your subject matter. Our diverse field of specialists is composed of highly knowledgeable and extremely proficient instructors with real life experience and certifications ranging from the National Rifle Association to the Society of American Fight Directors. Adaptable and customized, each workshop series is specially designed with you and your aims in mind and will give your team a direct and personal understanding of the chosen philosophies and techniques.

     It doesn't matter whether you're filming a motion picture epic or doing motion capture for your next video game, Stunt Monkeys' coordinators can help you bring exciting, dynamic, and most importantly, safe violence to your project. From creating sword fights to executing high falls, from lighting ourselves on fire to choreographing modern battles, Stunt Monkeys expert team can help you create the dramatic violence you always wanted on a budget you can afford.

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