AOR NPC Management Tool Tutorial

          The AOR System is a wonderfully streamlined, roleplay-heavy rules set that is great for resolving actions quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, because you must roll three dice per-person and keep them in play until the character acts, managing multiple non-player characters can be a huge hassle for Narrators.

          Well, it used to be a hassle. Now, with this new NPC management tool developed by the incomparable Dan Janni, tracking even huge hordes is a snap!

          Though the tool is actual really intuitive and easy to use, it can be a little confusing at first glance. So we made this simple tutorial to guide you through using it.


          To begin, let's look at the tool with some handy labels attached.

          It's already starting to make sense, right? We told you it was easy to use.

          But to make sure you get the most out of it, lets walk through it, step by step. We would strongly suggest you open up the tool in a separate browser window--preferrably side-by-side with the tutorial--so that you can do each step as we go.


                    Step 1) Add some NPCs.
                              To do this, just click on the "Add NPC" button beneath the character table. It will add one NPC each time you click the button.

                    Step 2) Customize the characters.
                              The tool will let you edit the Encounter Name, the Character Names, and their individual Initiative Bases.
                              Just highlight each text box and enter a value.

                               Step 3) Start a new round of combat
                                        With all of your character info set, just click the "New Round" button and the tool will roll your dice.
                                        Once the dice are rolled, just click on the die you want to be each character's Action Opportunity Roll.
                                        The AOR will be highlighted in white, and the tool will automatically calculate the character's starting Initiative and Target Roll.
                                        The tool will also automatically highlight the highest Initiative in green, so that you always know which character acts next.

                    4) Perform character actions
                               As each character's Initiative comes up, perform their action, then click the "Next Action" button.
                              "Next Action" subtracts 10 from their current Initiative and re-rolls their dice.
                              Once a new Action Opportunity Roll is selected, it will automatically adjust their total Initiative again.
                              If the character is out of actions for the round (with an IB below 0), their dice will turn off until you hit "New Round" again.

                     Step 5) Delete and Disable Characters
                              If characters are killed or removed from combat, simply click the "Delete" button
                              If a character is involved in the event, but is not currently acting (i.e. they haven't been alerted yet), un-check the "Enabled" checkbox


          And that's it.

          Simple, but brilliant, and an invaluable tool for Narrators.

          For a list of frequently asked questions or known issues, please check out the FAQ.

          If you still have questions, would like to report a bug, or have a change you'd like to share, please e-mail the webmonkey.


          And, once again, our huge thanks to Dan Janni for his time and effort!