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Valherjar: The Chosen Slain Core Rulebook
Including everything needed to get playing, the Valherjar Core Rulebook features a fully realized mythology for the Valherjar and their nemeses, the Jotnar, setting and background information, full rules for AOR Gaming System play, plus an OGL appendix for D20 play, 6 dramatically different Aettir, or clans, and the patron gods that inspire them, more than 80 spells based on traditional schools of Rune Magic, realistically modeled statistics for over 50 types of weapons and armor, and two dozen original creatures and monsters based on the Norse Eddas and Sagas, plus instructions for creating your own adversaries.
     233 Pages, Painted Color Cover, B&W Interior
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Year 1: Gathering Storms - Sourcebook
Officially launching Valherjar's real-time story arc, Year 1: Gathering Storms includes detailed and elaborate setting information, stronghold and organizational data for both the gods and their enemies, new Rune Magics, two additional playable Aettir, rules for bonuses and flaws, dozens of playable archetypes, and much, much more.
     Coming Christmas 2011!

Candy from a Stranger - Operations Supplement

     Set in the Southern United States, Candy from a Stranger pits the players' Flyn against a string of Jotnar child abductions. Though viewed as an epidemic by the FBI, the only common thread linking all of the kidnappings is too esoteric for the mortal authorities to see—so the Valherjar must race to both stop the nefarious Jotnar plot and rescue the children before its too late!

     Provided free of charge for Valherjar players, Candy from a Stranger is available for free pdf download or in print through a special "at cost" sale from our print-on-demand provider.

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