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     Obviously (or at least we hope it's obvious), we here at Game Monkeys spent a lot of time developing and refining the rules for Valherjar. At last count it went through 4 major drafts and over a hundred version revisions in the last four years. But, just because the given rules are the way we thought worked best, doesn't mean you have to play with 'em that way. Listed below are a number of "House Rules" -- rules developed by groups that catered to their individual styles of play -- which you might want to consider using in your own game.
     Additionally, if you've got House Rules of your own you'd like to share with the rest of the world, send them on over.

* Double DoS Damage
     For increased lethality and a greater reward for good hits, double the DoS modifier for weapons. This, essentially, gives guns a 2 DOS modifier, swords and edged weapons a 4, and some magic up to a 6. Yowitch! -- Submitted by the Game Monkey Press Staff

* Make Fatigue Hit or Miss
     For ease of both using and tracking Rune Magic, make the Fatigue from its use all or nothing. If the Magic use succeeds (equals or beats the TN) the Valherjar takes no Fatigue to their Vitality. If the Magic fails they take it all. -- Submitted by the Game Monkey Press Staff

* Start Characters Lower on the Tree
     There is no doubt that the typical starting Valherjar is a giant bundle of whoop-ass waiting to be unleashed…but what if you want to face a more challenging future with your character? An easy way to do it is to reduce the number of priority points used during character creation from 12 to 10. -- Submitted by the Game Monkey Press Staff

* Increase Grenade Blast Radius
     The US Army considers the "hard-kill" blast radius (the area within you can be effectively certain that an enemy is incapacitated/killed) of grenades to be 15 meters (16 yards). Up the rating on frag and M203 grenades to that realistic number (D6|16 Edged) and watch them quickly become a seriously decisive factor in combat. -- Submitted by the Game Monkey Press Staff

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