First Official Operations Supplement for
Valherjar: The Chosen Slain
Now Available

The free adventure, Candy from a Stranger, is here!

     Game Monkey Press announced today that the first official Operation Supplement (adventure) for Valherjar: The Chosen Slain, Candy from a Stranger, is now available. Set in the Southern United States, Candy pits the players' Flyn against a string of Jotnar child abductions. Though viewed as an epidemic by the FBI, the only common thread linking all of the kidnappings is too esoteric for the mortal authorities to the Valherjar must race to not only stop the nefarious Jotnar plot, but also to rescue the children before its too late.

     Provided free of charge for Valherjar players, Candy from a Stranger is available for free pdf download from the Game Monkey Press website or in print through a special "at cost" sale from our print-on-demand provider.

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