Game Monkey Press Launches "Valherjar: The Chosen Slain"

Epic Roleplaying in a Modern Day Ragnarok is Now Unleashed

     Game Monkey Press announced today Valherjar: The Chosen Slain, a dynamic and compelling new contemporary roleplaying franchise, is now available. Offering an innovative and exciting new saga inspired by the classic mythology, Valherjar chronicles the coming of Ragnarok, the apocalypse of the ancient Norse pantheon, ordained to consume our world within the coming decade.

     Players adopt the role of the Valherjar, an elite caste of fallen warriors resurrected by the gods to change the balance of fate in defiance of destiny. Five thousand years in the making, the Valherjar are drawn from the most formidable combatants in mankind's history and allow players to use virtually any martial background imaginable. Ancient Spartan Hoplites, chivalrous English knights, fearless Viking berserks, and modern Navy SEALS join a host of other character archetypes in using melee weapons, modern arms, and magic during this epic struggle.

     In addition to creating an intriguing and elaborate premise, Game Monkey Press has declared their intent to back up Valherjar: The Chosen Slain with a revolutionary style of player support. "We're tired of games that leave players sitting on their thumbs waiting for the next big development," said Greg Spyridis, President of Game Monkey Press. "So were designing Valherjar on a real-time story arc. From the launch of the game, the clock is ticking…and future releases will throw events and story hooks at gamers as they're actually happening within the setting." Each year after the game's launch will see new supplements, adventures, and 'Yearbooks' which all portray changes and advancements in the real-time environment. Printed materials will be supplemented by various updates and enhancements on the Game Monkeys website ( while the Valherjar development team remains cognizant of player demands and responds swiftly to the needs of their fan base. "It'll be fast, furious, and -- most of all - genuine," Spyridis said exuberantly. "In other words, it's everything we feel a game should be."

     Its first release - the Valherjar: the Chosen Slain Core Rulebook - features a fully realized mythology for the Valherjar and their nemeses, the Jotnar, six dramatically different Aettir, or clans, and the patron gods who inspire them, over eighty spells based on traditional schools of Rune Magic, realistically modeled statistics for over fifty types of weapons and armor, resources for playing historical characters in a modern setting, two dozen original creatures and monsters influenced by the Norse Eddas and Sagas, and dual statted roleplaying rules for both Game Monkeys' own AOR Gaming System and D20/OGL play. The 233 page rulebook is now available online in both print and pdf formats.

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