Game Monkey Press is pleased to announce our new
AOR NPC Management Tool!

     The AOR System is a wonderfully streamlined, roleplay-heavy rules set that is great for resolving actions quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, because you must roll three dice per-person and keep them in play until the character acts, managing multiple non-player characters can be a huge hassle for Narrators.

     Well, it used to be a hassle. Now, with Game Monkey Press' new AOR NPC Management Tool, tracking even huge hordes is a snap! Running an awesome little HTML script designed by the incomparable Dan Janni, the Tool rolls dice, tracks Initiative, determines base Target Rolls, and automatically adjusts next-action Initiative Bases for an infinite number of NPCs!

      It works on every major operating system (Windows, IOS, Linux, and Android), running any current browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera)...and it's absolutely free!



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