Game Monkey Press Announces
Urban Operations and The Reptilian Complex


Seattle, WA - March 15th - Game Monkey Press announces two new books for their Valherjar: The Chosen Slain roleplaying game; Urban Operations, the first in a new line of Tactical Handbooks, and The Reptilian Complex, a new Operations Supplement.

Urban Operations: The first in a new line of Tactical Handbooks--collections of weapons, magic, equipment, and strategies designed to provide Valherjar tools for specific types of engagements--Urban Operations will give active warriors everything they need for clandestine city combat. Containing almost three dozen new forms of weapons, magic, and equipment; including hollow-point bullets, reflex sights, and silencers, new rules for less-lethal devices like flashbangs and rubber bullets, and tips and strategies for maneuvering in-and-among buildings, Urban Operations will be a must-have resource for conducting missions in populated areas.

The Reptilian Complex: The latest Operations Supplement (adventure) for Valherjar: The Chosen Slain, The Reptilian Complex shows just how wrong things can go when the Jotnar get their nature-twisting hands on a world renowned, and incomparably brilliant, neurologist. Set against the rampant pirate attacks and humanitarian crisis in East Africa, The Reptilian Complex will strand players far away from their support base and force them to either adapt and improvise or be swallowed by a horde threatening to tear them limb-from-limb and scatter their Runes across the continent.

Useful and entertaining as individual books, but also designed to work well together, both Urban Operations and The Reptilian Complex are currently under development and will be released in August, 2012.



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