Work for Game Monkey Press

     Game Monkeys is always looking for smart, energetic, motivated, and exciting Monkeys to work with (and slow, dull witted, mooks to sacrifice to the Great Monkey for good luck). Still in the early stages of our bid for world domination, this is your chance to join up with a dynamic company destined to be on the cutting edge of the games industry. Employment includes a creative work environment that encourages individual growth and diversification, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, flexible schedules, killer perks, lots of room for advancement, opportunities to travel, and a chance to own your own province once our empire is complete.
     Currently, Game Monkeys is looking for the following:

Artists and Graphic Designers

          Game Monkeys is currently contracting both professional and amateur artists and graphic designers for it's 2002 and 2003 product line. Many styles are needed (including realistic "true life" color and black and white, cartoon, computer generated graphics, and line art) in a variety of media. Themes vary but generally involve fantasy, modern fantasy, horror, and comedic genres. All work is contracted with several projects to begin immediately. Published work may see both national and international release.
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